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About QIFT

Queensland Institute of Family Therapy
A Supported Experience of Developing Systemic Thinking and Practice

The Queensland Institute of Family Therapy was founded in January 2018 by Dr Leonie White and Dr Kate Owen.  


QIFT was established due to the strong demand for quality Family Therapy training in Queensland.  The mission of QIFT is to provide a range of accessible and exceptional professional development options to cater to individuals, teams and organisations across a diverse range of Family Therapy training and experience.

In line with contemporary practice, QIFT provides professionals with opportunities to learn and experience multiple systemic ways of working with clients and families.  This philosophy is based on integrative practice principles that appreciates the significant contribution of different Family Therapy models across time.  This includes First Generation Schools such as Structural, Strategic, Bowen, and Milan Family Therapy;  Second Generation Schools such as Post-Milan, and Post-Modern ways of working with families (Solution Focused Therapy and Narrative Therapy); as well as Third Generation ideas that encompass evidence-based Family Therapy models and integration of systemic principles with neuroscience.

QIFT offers Introductory training for those with little to no exposure to Family Therapy models and frameworks.

QIFT offers advanced training for those wanting to extend their Family Therapy knowledge and practice.  These courses provide specialist content areas with an emphasis on clinical application and integration into each individual professional's preferred practice framework.

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