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QIFT Vision & Mission

The QIFT Vision and Mission is to provide exceptional quality, contemporary training and development in systemic family therapy that integrates theory and practice to meet a variety of Professional Development needs. 

QIFT training and development is grounded in a solid foundation of systemic thinking and principles that can be drawn upon in any work context and across disciplines.  QIFT takes a multi-positioned perspective, drawing on theory and practice from First and Second Generation schools of Family Therapy, contemporary practice including considerations of Neuroscience, Evidence-Based Practice, and Integrative Practice in Psychotherapy.

QIFT values delivering a personalized experience, providing a supportive learning environment within which relationships and unique individual needs are prioritized.  QIFT feels privileged to walk alongside Professionals as they grapple with developing an understanding of which aspects of Family Therapy fit for their Systemic practice integration, and how they integrate Family Therapy with their other therapeutic modalities. 

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