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AAFT Conference Presentation 2019

Dr Leonie White and Dr Kate Owen presented at the 40th Annual Conference for The Australian Association of Family Therapy in Melbourne.

The 30 minute presentation was well attended with positive feedback from clinicians and academics.

The topic was "What Matters in Contemporary Family Therapy? Things our Students Have Taught Us".

Feel free to view the abbreviated presentation along with the self-reflection sheet.

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QIFT Roadmap: Working Safely with Families and Trauma

QIFT Co-Director Dr Leonie White presented at the 2021 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Conference at the Gold Coast.  Leonie presented the QIFT Roadmap for Working Safety with Families and Trauma and shared ways in which Family Therapy and integrative therapeutic practice can support the mental health of young people.

The 'Roadmap' is shared here, and for more information about Working Safely with Families and Trauma visit the Compass Seminars Website 


Photo by Matt Duncan on Unsplash