Advanced Training


November 22 and 23, 2019

The Sofitel Broadbeach

Working Safely with Trauma and Families

Systemic Stabilisation, Systemic Processing, Systemic Growth

The Queensland Institute of Family Therapy is proud to offer a range of Advanced training options. 

Working Therapeutically with Genograms

This one day workshop will provide the context, foundational and theoretical concepts required to understand and complete genogram work, and also the opportunity to develop skills in using genograms in assessment, to plan interventions and as an intervention in itself.  There will be a specific focus on skill development and practical applications.


The Workshop will include the following areas:

  • The place of Genogram work within Systemic Family Therapy

  • Core systemic concepts related to genogram work

  • How to create a genogram and graphically organise information gathered in an assessment session 

  • How to conduct a Genogram Interview

  • Tracking family patterns through time and space

  • Interpreting family structure

  • Assessing family patterns and functioning, including relational patterns and triangles

  • Consideration of the Family Life Cycle

  • Mental Health implications

  • A Strengths based approach to genograms

  • Using genograms as assessment, to plan intervention and as an intervention

Systems and Stories: A Narrative Therapy Approach to Meaning Making and Change

This two-day workshop will provide participants with key skills in Narrative Practice including practical clinical skills that can be used immediately with individuals and families (children, adolescents, adults and older persons).  Participants will consider the relevance of Narrative Practice in their work setting, and applications relating to the context of trauma, attachment difficulties and grief and loss.  Participants will consider how to “tread lightly” but effectively with Narrative Practice.


Course Outline:

In this course participants will develop an understanding of:

  • What Narrative Therapy is

  • The Systemic Family Therapy context of Narrative Therapy

  • Assumptions underpinning Narrative Practice

  • The importance of stories in our own lives and the lives of those we work with

  • Therapist positioning in Narrative Therapy


Participants will develop skills in:

  • Externalizing Conversations

  • Reauthoring conversations, including

    • Absent but Implicit Conversations

    • Unique Outcomes Conversations

  • Thickening alternative storylines to amplify change, including

    • Remembering conversations

    • Outsider witnessing

    • Therapeutic documents

  • Working with the Landscape of Action and Landscape of Identity

Working Systemically with Stakeholders: Collaborative Practice in Action

This workshop is designed for practitioners working within services and agencies that promote collaborative practice for the benefit of client care.  The workshop is aimed at practitioners with a basic knowledge of Family Therapy concepts who have an understanding of how to work systemically with clients and families.  This workshop builds upon existing knowledge to assist practitioners in thinking and designing systemic interventions with stakeholders in the wider treating system supporting consumers of various ages and presenting problems.


The workshop is interactive, dynamic, experiential, and self-reflective in nature.  Specifically the workshop covers the following:

  • Developing a share definition and understanding of what it means to work systemically with stakeholders.

  • Exploring the similarities and differences of working systemically with clients and stakeholders.

  • Exploration of what allows, and hinders, practitioners to work systemically with wider treating systems.

  • Overview of Family Therapy schools and how key concepts apply to stakeholder work.

  • Overview of a framework to guide systemic intervention with stakeholders.

  • Application of course content via case studies and experiential exercises.


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